[TRANS] Men’s Style Interview – Xiumin


[TRANS] Men's Style Interview - Xiumin

Interviewer: What kind of guy do you think would have the most charm? What type of girl is the most attractive?
Xiumin: It doesn’t matter of the gender, I value all their prominent charms~ It’s just the matter of who is more attractive.

Interviewer: Among the members, is there anyone’s album style that you are envious of or really wants to try?
Xiumin:Before envying other members’ style, I’m busy playing my role in the group. I personally think that in this album, all 12 members’ style are fitting for each, so I’m very satisfied.

Interviewer: Members all call you “baozi,” please use a different food to describe the other members.
Xiumin: Kris-Pig’s Feet, Luhan-Tofu, Lay- Carbonara, Chen- Americano, Tao- Fried chicken…..

Interviewer: Even though you are the oldest in EXO, you have a baby face, so do you get “bullied” because of your baby face?
Xiumin: When most people first…

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